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Eliza Levinson, who has only seen the first episode of Succession, recaps the scarce facts about the upcoming new season of the best recent show on TV.

Hello, everyone. I’m here to tell you all the best and brightest about Succession’s much-anticipated third season. Unfortunately, I have only watched the first episode about one point five years ago and don’t really remember it. Is it kinda like Empire with white people and no singing? Anyway, I do know it’s based on the Murdoch family and stars mostly a lot of character actors who are now kinda famous and, now, many tall, tall boys (read for details) and one iconically short boy (love). Drama and expensive knits ensue!! 

Who’s in Succession s3?

As Mia Mercado pointed out in a recent piece for The Cut, it’s been a year and a half since Succession released its second season. In the past few days, though, buzz has been brewing over HBO’s latest unhappy family drama: namely, the casting of Adrian Brody in season 3. Brody will be playing Josh Aaronson, a guest role of “a billionaire activist investor who becomes pivotal in the battle for the ownership of Waystar.” Spooky Swedish hottie Alexander Skarsgård will also be joining the cast, playing a “successful, confrontational tech founder and CEO,” and previous additional celeb stars added to the cast include Hope Davis (playing the daughter of Logan Roy’s nemesis), Jihae (a PR expert), Sanaa Lathan (a high-flying lawyer), and Linda Emond (a White House aide). A couple of previous guest stars — David Rasche (aka Karl), Fisher Stevens (aka Hugo Baker the PR guy), and Justine Lupe (aka Willa) — will be returning to season 3 as regular characters. Pubs have noted the abundance of tall celebs in season three, an indication that this is a slow news week for the entertainment industry. 

An Instagram post revealed that at least one episode will be directed by Lorene Scafaria, best known for writing and directing Hustlers

When will it come out?

Anyway, production of the third season of Succession is, apparently, well underway since winter 2020, after prolonged, COVID-induced postponement. The season will open with Logan Roy (Brian Cox) responding to [SPOILER ALERT!] being betrayed by his son, Kendall, at the finale of the second season. The family will blur blood ties and corporate ambitions in “a family civil war.” Production is reportedly taking place in New York. 

In an interesting twist, actor Brian Cox, who plays the spicy, icy dad, is the only member of the cast that — at least as of summer 2020 — knew what was going to happen next. According to the Independent, no release date has yet been announced for season 3, and some are speculating that it could imitate the first two seasons and come out in the summer. They are probably going to be disappointed, because the chief content officer at HBO Max said it’ll more likely come out in Q4 of this year. Rather than being 10 episodes, like the first and second seasons, season 3 will be just eight eps, so hopefully they will be Literally Perfect for all you fans out there. 

Will the show reference COVID??

This has been my big question about essentially every show currently in production, especially the Kim Cattrall-less Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That. I feel like it should not because I watch TV to escape this nightmare, but that’s just moi. Anyway, at the moment it is UNCLEAR! Justine Lupe shared a pic of three of the main actors wearing face shields and KN95 masks, but, as Bustle noted, “none of their gear looks silk or particularly Roy-esque,” so it’s probably not a costume. One star, Sara Snook, says that if COVID does end up factoring into the show, it wouldn’t be an overt storyline — “nothing that is so overt that is going to really tackle [COVID] head on, because that’s not the show.”

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