Dirt: Plotless Claymation

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Jamieson Weiss on 3x3 Custom. Ilana Masad on The Neverhood.

Joinery Porn 

The host and creator of woodworking YouTube channel 3x3 Custom, Tamar, is a self-described “DIYer, beginning woodworker, and mother of three” without a lick of professional training, but from following her channel you wouldn’t know it. One week it’s a custom longboard, then next it’s a guitar, and then it’s an exploration of joinery so funky it looks like it must be an optical illusion. 

Before you know it, you might just end up charging your AirPods on a table with a hidden, undermounted wireless charger held up by legs connected via an interlocking triple tenon joint that you built yourself. At the very least, you’ll know exactly how you’d do it. — By Jamieson Weiss

It Was All a Dream

Before The Boss Baby, before Kung Fu Panda or Shrek or even Antz, DreamWorks Animation, then DreamWorks Interactive, animated a computer game entirely with clay: The Neverhood. It was, sadly, a commercial flop. It was also the first hit that came up when, uncertain whether it was real or a fever dream from my childhood, I googled "claymation computer game 90s." It's a strange, lovely puzzle game with little to no instructions, barely any story, and features a character who is entirely alone in a surreal landscape that keeps trying to kill them; perfect, in other words, for this year of our neoliberal nightmare, 2021. Enjoy. — By Ilana Masad

The Dirt: If you can’t beat them, joinery them.

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