Dirt: Meet Filthy! 🇬🇧

Our collaboration with London's The Fence.

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The Dirtyverse expands as we team up with our friends at London magazine The Fence to fund independent media!

After funding our own newsletter with a few digital art sales, we wanted to help others do the same, and bring your attention to some cool new publications. When we thought about another young publication that we wanted to support with a co-branded NFT sale, The Fence immediately came to mind.

Check out The Fence

If you haven’t been following our friends across the pond, you are seriously missing out. The Fence publishes everything from spot on satire of the publishing industry to top tier fiction to series that make us laugh out loud, like “Why Are You Asking Me This.” (Who else is brave enough to ask the estate of T. S. Eliot about prune juice???) The London literary scene and media at large are both better for The Fence’s existence. 

So, for our artistic collaboration, we created Filthy. He’s not Dirty; he’s Dirty’s British cousin, duh!!! Filthy lives in a Francis Bacon-style Soho studio and thrives on mess, but he’s always neatly dressed in an oak-leaf scarf. Here he is reading The Fence in print:

Filthy (Dirt x The Fence)

Buy on OpenSea for $75

Our S1 and S2 NFT sale designer Mark Costello channelled The Fence’s distinct design sensibility to combine the ethos of the magazine with the aesthetic of The Dirtyverse. (Does that worm look familiar?) The Fence’s art director Mathias Clottu came up with the original visual identity for their magazine. His big inspirations were past publications like La Quinzaine Littéraire, Eros, and Twen. The Fence’s typography is done by Adrien Vasquez.

This collaboration is a way to bring publications together and create opportunities for readers to fund editorial in new ways. To go with the sale, we also jointly commissioned a new essay, on the British aesthetics of HBO’s Succession, which will be dropping in Dirt and The Fence — just in time for season 3.

You can support both publications by buying this collab NFT on OpenSea, where it appears in the official Dirt Collection. It’s an edition of 200 priced at .02 ETH or ~$75. The profits of the sale will be split 60% to The Fence, 30% to Dirt, and 10% to the artist. As always, if you’re new to NFTs or cryptocurrency, we suggest using Coinbase Wallet, and if you have questions just email us at newsletterdirt@gmail.com or jump in our Discord chat’s NFT channel.

The Dirt: We’re right chuffed.