Dirt: Hoof trimming


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Justin Cygan on cow feet. Alex Brown on disappointed Europeans.

Oblivion by Graem

930,000 people and I have found ourselves entranced with a YouTube channel called The Hoof GP, run by and featuring the cheeky Scottish hoof-trimmer, Graem. He spends his off-hours editing footage of him trimming cows in the Scottish countryside, and delivering to his audience both the graphic and illuminating parts. The Hoof GP offers a portrait of our viewing habits and how wide-stretching and varied the world of online content has become.

The Hoof GP fits right into two categories of popular YouTube and TikTok trends. Firstly, It provides working-class escapism both bucolic and seemingly outdated, that fulfills the want of many of us to somehow connect with a romanticized view of working with one's hands, the old ways that are missing from most of our modern, urban, and increasingly hands-off lives. Graem’s content also fulfills the weird satisfaction and curiosity that drives viewers to watch videos of disgusting procedures (à la Dr. Pimple Popper), which gives some viewers a rush of righteous satisfaction at the sight of dermatological wrongs being righted. — By Justin Cygan

Paris, Texas

@exchangestudent.worldwide is an Instagram account showcasing posts from (mostly) European teenagers about their study abroad semesters in exciting, iconic US cities such as Marysville, Ohio and Little Elm, Texas. They fantasize about their American lives set to Pinterest photos of American football games, rows of lockers, and yellow school buses, which I guess is similar to American exchange students posting photos of the Eiffel Tower or the Trevi Fountain. A recent post from Vesta, a Lithuanian student, shows her first day of American high school, ending with her giving a wry thumbs-up and strained grin. The caption reads, “I hated it.” — By Alex Brown

The Dirt: America is for the cows.