Dirt: Goodbye to shallot that

The final days of Alison Roman's old kitchen.

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Jason Diamond says goodbye to an iconic Internet kitchen.1

We’ve had some good times in Alison Roman’s kitchen. Well, not literally “we.” Like you who might be reading this may have been to her apartment personally, for a slapdash-but-elegant dinner party, but I’m speaking solely of all the videos of hers that I’ve watched. The key lime pie, the meatballs, Thanksgiving, the times she showed up to show Stephen Colbert how to cook — all just a bunch of memories now. Because Alison Roman is moving out of her Brooklyn apartment.

As Roman puts it in a her latest YouTube video, “This feels like a definitive bookend to something.” And, yeah, it sort of does. Roman brought us into her home and she showed us how to cook and you couldn’t escape the — please forgive me for this —Roman Empire she had on people’s own home culinary adventures, at least for a year or two there. So it was only fitting that she wrapped things up by making what is probably her definitive dish: shallot pasta, a recipe so potent it may have actually caused early pandemic shortages of bucatini and shallots.2

The video is sweet — for such a savory dish. I think for those of us who have kept up on Roman’s kitchen adventures and have enjoyed her sort-of comeback after all that stuff happened at her old job (btw, did you see this profile on one of the people who went after her and also the public apology and also the news about how the person that Roman made ill-fated remarks about is probably not such a nice person after all? Wild stuff! But I digress…), the Roman kitchen has become a place we’re all familiar with, the millennial equivalent of Julia Child’s home setup — though probably not so worthy of the Smithsonian.

The importance of the kitchen a cook on camera is working from is so often overlooked, so it’s nice that Roman made a thing out of the last episode in her bygone space. We’ll miss the shitty white rental stovetop, the improvised wire shelving, the not-entirely-generous Brooklyn daylight. And yes, there were some actual tears…

While we all maybe got a little emotional, Roman ended the whole thing on a funny note, with a promise to show off what’s been in the closet behind her and then, for whatever reason, she doesn’t. It feels like a Sopranos ending in some ways. What’s in the closet, Alison? Why do we have to live out the rest of our days wondering?

Anyways, it’s Wednesday. Bucatini and shallots are plentiful once more. Make yourself some of the internet’s most iconic pasta tonight.

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