Dirt: Fit checkmate

Jawns and pawns.

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Rachel Pincus on Popshop Live, Michal Ronel on sartorial chess.

What a time to shop live 

Are we millennials in the process of recreating cable TV? The newest development in this saga is the rise of shopping via streaming. I first downloaded Popshop Live when I was hot on the trail for blindboxed vinyl figurines in a moment of pandemic boredom; I stayed for the fun times and parasocial hangouts. 

Aside from collectibles, which Popshop seems uniquely suited to, I have seen sellers hawking vintage wares, drawings, and even beef. It’s a universe open to anyone as long as you’re willing to enthusiastically endorse your items for hours. Seriously, I don’t know where the ladies at JapanLA get their endurance. — Rachel Pincus

King shit

Beyond The Simpsons and Kim Kardashian, we should take note of another high profile fan of the French fashion house, Balenciaga: chess grandmaster Daniil Dubov. The devotion is clear. Which is to say, we already know that the game itself is à la mode–ever since the continuous swirl around The Queen’s Gambit–but now it is literally in fashion. 

Last June brought Virgil Abloh's chess-inspired collection for Louis Vuitton, in October it was a Vogue editor who strolled around Paris in a chess denim jacket. And recently there was the world champion’s frivolous fashion declaration: for an online match, Magnus Carlsen chose to change outfits mid-game. He lost that one.

These gestures, along with Sally Rooney's chess habit disclosure and online chess blowing up as a streaming category on Twitch, should make us ask: How to dress for this resurgence of one of the oldest forms of entertainment? Now all that’s left is for Dubov to receive a call from Balenciaga. — Michal Ronel

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