Dirt: Dress like a Pokemon trainer

My summer fit vibe.

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This spring I realized that all I want to do is dress like a Pokemon trainer. Maybe it comes from a sense of nostalgia, reaching back to a childhood reference, or a desire for safety in the post-pandemic world, into which we all must venture. Or it’s just an aesthetic of functionalism: The standard Pokemon trainer outfit is built for long-haul exploration, with extra bags, accessories, and outdoor gear. (I seem to remember they just start wandering around outside at the age of 12…) We spent all year at home; it’s time to do the opposite, staying out late, gathering berries, making small animals fight each other. This is all I aspire to:

Some athleisure vibes here, as well as aerodynamic sneakers, great baseball cap, reliable cross-body bag (better for movement), and advanced wrist gadget. You could wade through a river and not get those pants wet.

An update on the classic protagonist character, looking high-level with a huge popped collar, chunky backpack (with gym badge), and stylishly baggy pants, which only seem to get baggy at the bottom. He’s probably wearing an Apple watch. This guy always packs an extra water bottle.

This is from the Pokemon TV show. How is it actually exactly what everyone is wearing now?? Misty has a crop top and jean shorts with an asymmetrical pixie haircut; Ash has a hat that’s probably from a podcast and some kind of streetwear-collab t-shirt; and Brock looks like he goes indoor rock-climbing and is renovating a house upstate.

I dimly remember these gloves and watching this episode but I can’t remember the actual storyline, maybe something about electricity?? Check out those primary colors.

This is the evolution of the protagonist’s frenemy, sometimes named Blue. It also demonstrates the lessening originality of Pokemon art over the years. Look at that first iconic character: Giant baggy shirt! Strappy boots! Dragonball-Z vibes! A perfect rival. Cargo pockets shouldn’t be allowed, however, even for Pokemon trainers.

Trainers must be shiny and sporty, but also comfortable and well-accessorized. Hats or bandanas keep the sun off your head and ergonomic shoes are a must. Sleeve length is up to you. Include multiple storage options for all those pokeballs.

Here’s my best Pokemon trainer outfit so far. Note the harmonious, semi-monochrome colors, like a NPC who never changes clothes. Note the multiple layers and many pockets. Chore coats are very trainercore; mine is from some Gap collaboration with a Japanese denim mill, it was $80 on 50% off sale. The Pokedex is an iPhone. — By Kyle Chayka

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