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Matthew Lloyd Roberts on Dank Lloyd Wright. Graham Hotchkiss on The Calvert Journal.

Falling Memer 

Architecture Instagram is a smooth space of renders, flat pastels and zinging neons. Big accounts demand consistency, a cultivated aesthetic and optimized posting schedules. Into this curated world burst Dank Lloyd Wright, shitposter extraordinaire(s), a collective of angry young memetic guerillas. 

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The experience of having Dank Lloyd Wright in your feed is a rhizomatic one, recursive in-jokes, 1/9 of an image macro, celebrations of followers lost to aggressive politics. All become fractally constitutive of the feed, with no way to orient yourself to the horizon, or even to the clock. There is a part of us that knows that this is what the algorithm wants of us, a war-machine logic of posting, and yet nobody has cultivated this madness quite as effectively as DLW. — Matthew Lloyd Roberts

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The New East 

Rewatching The Americans recently I’ve been struck by how perfectly the show captures the enduring clichés that dominate the American imagination when we talk about the former Soviet Bloc. The show has it all—cold light, brutalist architecture, stoic bureaucrats, spies, vodka, caviar—and wields its tried-and-true arsenal to pump the drama and the dread. 

So it is a breath of fresh air to open The Calvert Journal, a London-based culture publication focused on “the New East” (Russia, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Central Asia) that highlights the endlessly creative, incisive, fun and thought-provoking work of the young people living and working in the post-Soviet world. Covering everything from photography to nightlife to travel, the journal provides a window into a world far beyond our Western post-hipster intellectual culture bubble. A world that reminds the reader that the vast, complex geographic region we have reduced so effectively in our imaginations is so much more than the poisonings, pee tapes, and political strife as seen on TV. — Graham Hotchkiss

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