Dirt: 30 min of Studio Ghibli ambience

HBO's supercut of Ghibli b-roll.

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What is says in the title:

Some unsung hero at HBO Max edited together this chill supercut of clips from Studio Ghibli films: Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, and every other classic. It’s a wash of lush forests, forgotten cityscapes, strange creatures, sparkling meadows, and mysterious trains. All the ambient TV, none of the narrative. The only background music is environmental, soft nature sounds. You could leave it running on a second screen while you’re working.

The video highlights the Ghibli vibe, the aesthetic that runs throughout its films: drifting nostalgia, silent expanses of plant life, vistas that no one has seen before. It’s perpetually early morning or golden hour. Life is thriving beyond the grasp of human beings; moss takes over everything. It’s visual ASMR. — By Kyle Chayka

The Dirt: Studio Ghibli is a narcotic.

Other Stuff:

Annals of Intellectual Property, or, All Content Melts into Television:

— The Last of Us, a video game about zombies, is becoming a prestige television series starring the likes of Bella Ramsey (the young warrior-princess girl from Game of Thrones) and Pedro Pascal. Notably, the most recent Last of Us video game was critiqued for being too insanely violent.

— Redwall, the children’s book series about various rodents who fight each other when they’re not cooking elaborate feasts, will be made into a Netflix animated series. It will probably be less violent than the zombies, though there is a lot of swordplay.