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Hey Dirt readers (Dirtyheads, Dirtizens): Earlier this week we launched our Season 2 NFT: Dirty Summer Vibes. RIP the collective Hot Girl Summer that never happened.

Sales of this NFT are the only thing funding this newsletter, paying our writers and Daisy for editing. Right now, we’ve got about enough cash to run full-blast through November. But right now is a great time to buy the NFT because:

1. Ethereum gas prices are low on the weekends (~$50 instead of $100+)

2. We just listed 10 Summer Vibes NFTs at a deep discount, for this weekend only: 5x at ~$108 and 5x at ~$181. Once those are gone, they’ll be back up to the original price of $360.

3. Starting later this month, NFT holders will be able to vote on which topics we cover, using the token that comes with the NFTs.

4. Holders of 3 of the Summer Vibes NFT will get a new, free airdrop next week. It’s a very limited edition thank you to our collectors.

Think of the NFT as your Dirt annual subscription, except it’s something you own (until you decide to sell or trade it). You can buy the NFT via OpenSea through the link below:

Dirty S2 Summer Vibe

We recommend Coinbase Wallet as the easiest way to get into the crypto ecosystem and buy through OpenSea. More business details on Dirt Season 2 here. If you have any questions, just email us at newsletterdirt@gmail.com or jump into our Discord NFT channel! Help us build the Dirtyverse.

The Dirt: Autumnal vibes are already here.

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