Dirt is a daily(ish) newsletter about the cutting edge of digital pop culture. Every week we send out multiple insightful short essays on topics like streaming, TikTok, video games, and web3, from a rotating group of critics. New York Magazine said, "It's like getting a note about something interesting from a smart friend."

What topics has Dirt covered?

Suburban girlhood; Sally Rooney’s style; Dimes Square; BeReal; NFT status symbols; Affirmation memes; Context collapse; Harry Styles and City Pop; Ambient Twitch streams; Dark Academia; Virtual fashion; Movies with too much backstory; The Sims; Nora Ephron’s interiors; Elden Ring; Sunset lamps; Angel MaMii; Lauren Groff's Matrix; Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy … and more

Dirt was co-founded by Kyle Chayka and Daisy Alioto. To learn more, visit our site or check out our FAQ. See you in the Dirtyverse! 🤎

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A daily newsletter about entertainment, created by Kyle Chayka and Daisy Alioto with an array of contributors.
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